Der moderne Bund Arp, Helbig, Lüthy, Gimmi, Huber, Klee
‘Der Moderne Bund’ (The Modern Alliance) is generally seen as the first artistic association to attract attention and encourage the reception of modern art in Switzerland. Its foundation in 1911 in Weggis marks modern art’s breakthrough in the country. Like Munich’s ‘Blaue Reiter’, formed at the same time, ‘Der Moderne Bund’ pursued the goal of making avant-garde art familiar and accessible to a wider public. The exhibition at Kunstmuseum Luzern is seeking to explain the group’s artistic dialogue and its pioneering work for Switzerland. As well as works by the three founder members, Hans Arp, Walter Helbig and Oscar Lüthy, the exhibition also includes drawings, prints and paintings by Wilhelm Gimmi, Hermann Huber and Paul Klee, who joined the core group soon after its foundation.
curated by Christoph Lichtin the exhibition is supported by Artclub Luzern, Luzerner Kantonalbank, Josef Müller Stiftung Muri.
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