Guy Ben Ner
We’ve Lost


Guy Ben Ner (*1969) makes a lot out of very little, albeit while radically integrating both himself and his private surroundings into his work: his family’s apartment in Tel Aviv serves him as a location for a low-budget action film with his wife and children as the main protagonists. The exaggerated Hollywood-style sound and image effects make a strange impact. What do we see when sound and image influence our feelings so strongly?

Guy Ben Ner films with his family in the branches of a furniture store or else has the employees of a fast-food chain call out names that supposedly refer to orders, but when strung together actually express a political message. Guy Ben Ner’s works are characterised by the difference between the improvised settings and the stringency of the artistic concepts. The artist addresses the theme of the influence of the economy and politics on the most intimate of human relations. Oscillating between private and public space, between family and society, Guy Ben Ner’s works adopt a clear political stance.

Friday, 10.11., from 6 pm

curated by Fanni Fetzer

supported by ArtClub Luzern, Artis, Konrad Fischer Galerie, Irit Sommer

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