Strotter Inst. Delokation Berg – Koechlin – Vasks


Soundzz.z.zzz…z promises unconventional multifaceted projects located on the borderline between fine art and music. The Kunstmuseum Luzern and the Lucerne Festival are interested in the correlations between visual expression and sound, which is why they are jointly promoting interdisciplinary works by means of a competition.

What is a «Strotter»? The Viennese-German term refers to someone who makes use of left-overs, someone who rummages through bins in search of things that might be useful. And that is ex­actly what sound artist Christoph Hess does, alias Strotter Inst., winner of the competition Soundzz.z.zzz…z together organised with the Lucerne Festival. Using primed record-players and treated-to-mistreated records as well as fabric, metal, cardboard, paper, felt etc., the artist makes unusual sounds and objects. For Delokation, he subjects three works from the pro­gramme of the Lucerne Festival to a difficult test: How much of the identity of the classical originals remains after the remix? Can they still be recognised? In doing this the artist refers to the theme of this year’s Festival: the question of identity, of the Ego, of what constitutes it, what it consists of.

Delokation Berg – Koechlin – Vasks can be experienced between 11.8 and 10.9.2017 in three forms: Strotter Inst. will present the remixes at the Kunstmuseum Luzern in the form of performances, sound installations and film collages. One performance will enable the audience to experience how Christoph Hess uses record-players as sound generators and entices rhythm structures of a unique density from discarded or forgotten left-overs.

Strotter Inst. – live
Wednesday, 16.08., 6 pm
Performance Alban Berg, Drei Orchesterstücke op. 6, Kunstmuseum Luzern

Sunday, 20.08., 2 pm
Performance Charles Koechlin, Les Bandar-log (Scherzo de singes) op. 176, Kunstmuseum Luzern

Sunday, 03.09., 9 pm
Performance Peteris Vasks, Cantabile für Streichorchester, with Jorge Sanchez Chiong, Komponist and Turntablist, Interval, KKL Luzern, Foyer

Thursday, 07.09, 10.30 pm
Performance with Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Violine, Interval, KKL Luzern, Foyer

curated by Eveline Suter

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