Jakup Ferri
we, we or me
in Cooperation With Fumetto Comic Festival Luzern

The pictorial world of Jakup Ferri (*1981) is colourful and packed with happy creatures. People, animals and hybrids do gymnastics, ride bicycles or whoosh across the pictures on skateboards. Above all, they get together, outdoors for a picnic, at tables, to dance, play music or for a chess game in the park. While drawing, Jakup Ferri would seem to be asking himself: What else might that motif contain? And right away, the buttons on a shirt become grains being picked by birds. Ferri’s works emit graphic wit and narrative joy.

The artist, who is from Kosovo, cultivates a linear style; the outlines are to the fore and fence in the strong colours. Based on his drawings, Jakup Ferri does paintings and has his pictorial inventions woven or embroidered. His sources of inspiration are microorganisms, folk art, crafts, Art brut and the pixelated world of computer games. In his installations he superimposes carpets with abstract-concrete patterns, embroidered drawings and paintings to conjure up a dense pictorial cosmos full of stories.

Saturday, 18.03., 11 am

curated by Eveline Suter

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