Mahtola Wittmer
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Manor Kunstpreis Zentralschweiz Luzern


Interaction is the main focus of the work of Mahtola Wittmer (*1993), interaction between You and I, but also between I and my surroundings. What happens when people encounter one another? What happens when bodies come up against architecture? In her performances, the artist finds incisive images for aspects of human relationships, for closeness, tension, support, repulsion and attraction. The means and settings she uses are simple, the process often playful and buoyed by humour. For example, Mahtola Wittmer distributes magnetic rings among the audience, hangs herself up in her coat in the cloakroom, or stitches up the arms of a pullover so as to visualise emotions. Moreover, her performances are always conceived pictorially and transposed into photographs, videos and sculptures. Mahtola Wittmer weaves feminist themes into her works.

Mahtola Wittmer receives the 2024 Manor Art Prize Central Switzerland Lucerne. This important Swiss promotional prize combines an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Luzern with a publication.

Opening Day
Saturday, 30.11., from 11 am

curated by Eveline Suter

supported by Manor, Hulda und Gustav Zumsteg-Stiftung, Gemeinde Adligesnwil

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