Marion Baruch
Retrospektive – innenausseninnen

The conflicts of the 20th century are reflected in the long life of Marion Baruch (*1929): fascism, capitalism, communism, feminism, pacifism, migration, classes, nations, religions, linguistic communities, political ideologies. Marion Baruch concerns herself with internal worlds and external spaces.

Consequently this artist’s work revolves around the theme of emptiness; she works with gaps, through views and transparency. She speaks of the “void”, meaning not a spiritual nothingness but rather a free space, in the literal sense, to be understood as an invitation to the viewer. For her project une chambre vide (an empty room, 2009) the artist cleared out a room in her small apartment and, over the course of a month, invited people to come and talk there every afternoon, when the sun outlined a warm rectangle on the wooden floor. The room may be empty, but everything else is there: openness, curiosity, delightful exchange, warm sunlight … The word Marion Baruch has coined, innenausseninnen (insideoutsideinside), creates an embracing openness and raises the question of who belongs and who remains outside.

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Opening: Friday, 28.02., 6.30 pm

curated by Fanni Fetzer, Noah Stolz

in cooperation with MAGASIN des horizons, Grenoble, Museo MA*GA, Gallarate, Muzeul de Artă, Timişoara, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse

supported by Artclub Luzern, Italian Council

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