Micha Zweifel
Zur Sackgasse 4. Stock
Manor Kunstpreis Zentralschweiz Luzern


Micha Zweifel (*1987) is interested in how we encounter the world, how we work, and how our view of the world is formed. He approaches the theme of people and their everyday life playfully. The haptic feature of surfaces assume an important role in his plaster reliefs, with their simple everyday motifs, and in his most recent wooden and bronze sculptures.

More often than not, Micha Zweifel combines his works to create an overall installation, thereby addressing the subject of the conditions of an exhibition. He explores the correspondence between the shaping of spaces and our ideas about the public domain, the body and memory. For his exhibition marking the Manor Kunstpreis Zentralschweiz Luzern, the artist engages, among other things with the cul de sac. What spatial experiences do we have when walking on the street or looking out a window? What views are gained from different perspectives and heights? Micha Zweifel’s exhibition title is a humorous comment on the KKL building, in which visitors tend to get lost.

Opening: Saturday, 05.12., 11 am–6 pm

curated by Eveline Suter

supported by Manor, Casimir Eigensatz Stiftung, Walter Haefner Stiftung, Hulda und Gustav Zumsteg-Stiftung

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