Turner Das Meer und die Alpen
J.M.W. Turner, the world famous English painter, travelled around Switzerland several times in search of spectacular motifs. While doing so, he visited Lucerne repeatedly to study the unique interplay of light and weather, lake and mountains there. He captured his impressions in sketches and vibrant watercolours. These observations and depictions both of the sea, during the crossing to the continent, and of the Alps were of major importance for Turner: in them the beauty and dangers of nature combine directly with the theme of the sublime, which was of fundamental significance for Romanticism. Turner’s enthusiasm for Switzerland was so great that he visited the country a total of six times between 1802 and 1844. With the 2019 exhibition Turner. The Sea and the Alps the Kunstmuseum Luzern is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Kunstgesellschaft Luzern, the supporting association of the Kunstmuseum Luzern.   supported by Stiftung für das Kunstmuseum Luzern, Art Mentor Foundation, Artclub Luzern, Bundesamt für Kultur, Stadt Luzern, Luzern Tourismus, Halter AG, Luzerner Kantonalbank AG, Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Stiftung Joseph Willmann-Haus, Minerva Kunststiftung, Jubiläumsstiftung der Schweizerischen Mobiliar Genossenschaft, Victorinox AG, Dr. Max J. Scheidegger, Arthur Waser Stiftung, Kanton Luzern, Bucherer AG, Kurt Müller, Dr. Christoph M. Müller und Sibylla M. Müller, Max Chocolatier, Rita und Uli Sigg, Imbach & Co. AG, Kursaal-Casino AG, Alois Egger, swisspor Management AG, Womiqua AG & Altras Management AG, Bentom AG, Musegg Immobilien AG, MVM AG, Farrow & Ball, Steiner AG, Amrein Wohnen, Brissoni AG, Eugenia und Dieter Bazlen, Stephan Wassmer & Thomas Steiger, Dörte Ertz-Malcher Painting Sponsorship Inessa Al-Azze & André Amberg/Amberg Immobilien AG, Familie Buchecker, Toni Bucher, Dätwyler Stiftung, Yvonne Gozon, Kaufmann Rüedi Rechtsanwälte AG, Mobimo Management AG, Margit und Tobias Moser, Scheitlin Syfrig Architekten, Schoch + Partner AG, Waldis Büro und Wohnen AG, ZO 1 AG And other donors who do not wish to be named.  
DIGITAL TOUR on Turner's life and work This Digitorial ® accompanying Turner. The Sea and the Alps is part of digitorials.ch, an initiative of maze pictures swiss and Engagement Migros, a development fund of the Migros Group in cooperation with Städel Museum, Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung and Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. Opening: Friday, 05.07., 6.30 pm public, limited participants, no reservations curated by Fanni Fetzer and Beat Wismer, in collaboration with David Blayney Brown, Tate organised in cooperation with Tate, London Special opening hours Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 7 pm
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